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2023 Regional Series: Championship fight starting to take shape with 2 Rounds remaining

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The 2023 Regional Series has been nothing short of excitment. As we gear up for the final

2 rounds, the championship fight is starting to take shape. Each race has brought its own surprises, making this season a rollercoaster of thrills and unexpected victories.This Thursday, buckle up as the series heads to Wild Horse Pass for Round 4.

The season kicked off with a bang as Paul Mikolajcyzk clinched victory at Round 1 at the challenging Wild West Motorsports Park. However, the unpredictability of the series quickly became evident in Round 2 at Crandon International Raceway where Kody Winiecki triumphed, setting the tone for an unpredictable championship battle.

Round 3 at Bark River International Raceway continued to defy expectations as Oliver Golding secured a sensational win. What's truly remarkable is that each of these winners in the first 3 rounds of the 2023 Regional Series celebrated their first victory in the series!

Currently, Kody Winiecki leads the championship standings with an impressive 170 points, setting himself as a strong contender for the coveted title. However, the competition remains intense, with Cross Kirchmeier closely tailing at 140 points, followed by Oliver Golding at 125 and Paul Mikolajczyk just one point behind.

With the title race heating up, anticipation is at an all-time high for Round 4 at Wild Horse Pass. The championship battle is far from decided, and with Wild Horse Pass still to go and the famous Land Rush at Crandon International Raceway, all the drivers will be on their toes these next 2 weeks.


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