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2024 National Series Announcement

After numerous years of successful virtual racing, the iRacing Short Course Series is thrilled to announce not only the highly anticipated 2024 National Series but also the path to the series, the 2024 Qualifying Series! The series will once again feature the Pro 4 Trucks.

The 2024 Qualifying Series is the gateway to the 2024 National Series, serving as a competitive three-round series for contenders seeking a place among the National Series. Here's the schedule for the Qualifying Series:

  • January 4th - Wild Horse Pass

  • January 18th - Bark River International Raceway

  • January 25th - Crandon International Raceway

Following the Qualifying Series, the stage is set for the pinnacle of competition with the 2024 National Series, featuring 10 rounds of intense virtual action on all the Short Course tracks iRacing has to offer. Below is the schedule for the National Series:

  • February 8th - Wild West Motorsports Park

  • February 22nd - Crandon International Raceway (Long)

  • February 29th - Bark River International Raceway

  • March 21st - Wild Horse Pass

  • March 28th - Crandon International Raceway (Short)

  • April 11th - Wild West Motorsports Park

  • April 18th - Bark River International Raceway

  • April 25th - Crandon International Raceway (Short)

  • May 2nd - Wild Horse Pass

  • May 9th - Crandon International Raceway (Long)

The iRacing Short Course Series proudly announces the format for the 2024 Qualifying Series. Just like the 2023 Season, the top 10 drivers from the 2023 National Series Point Standings have already secured their invitations. Additionally, the top 20 in the point standings from the 2024 Qualifying Series will earn their invite into the National Series. 6 more drivers will be invited by Promoters Choice. Those will be announced following the finish of the 3rd and final round of the Qualifying Series.

iRacing Short Course invites all racers to come compete in our upcoming season of racing starting just after the new year! Strap in your sim and get ready – the iRacing Short Course 2024 Qualifying and National Series are about to begin! Register Today! More details about the 2024 National Series to come at a later date!


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