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2024 National Series Round 6 Postponement, Broadcast Update


Round #6 of the 2024 National Series has been officially postponed due to broadcasting issues. We apologize to all the racers and fans for the inconvenience. As we focus on the future and keep our aim of providing racers with a competitive racing platform, the series will undergo some changes. At this time, we are announcing our departure from Podium eSports for the remaining rounds of the 2024 National Series. After multiple meetings and plans brought to the table, the administrators of the organization have come to this decision to ensure the racers have a proper platform to compete in and have confidence in knowing each night is a go. We appreciate all the things Podium eSports and Ryan Bauer have done for our series over the last 2 years and we wish them the best in their future events. The 2024 National Series has been plagued with a bumpy start due to broadcasting issues and we are committed to getting the second half of the season underway and providing racers confidence heading into each night that we will be on track. The season will undergo some schedule changes as we embark on our new adventure. More details will be released at a later time. - Connor Barry, Owner and Promoter of the iRacing Short Course Series


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